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ABOUT ME (they/them)

Ocean's of Love

My name is Jennifer, I identify as non-binary, and use they/them pronouns. I've been actively practicing Reiki for 4 years now and deepening my awareness into the realms of the subtle. The journey began after I received Reiki for the first time. I had such a profound experience which compelled me to want to share this gift with others. Finishing my certification as Reiki Master Teacher, I took the opportunity to open my practice and continue exploring the deep seas of our individual and collective healing abilities. It is so important to have support, resource, and compassion along the way and I give so much admiration and celebration to my teachers, guides, ancestors, and friends. My practice is an inclusive space that acknowledges the importance of relationship building. I welcome all shades of queer! Everyone's humanness is seen, honored, and loved. 

Some things to know about me:

I have a history of alcohol addiction, ADHD, anxiety and low self esteem. My healing journey is an ongoing voyage that requires me to invite my shadow to be seen and held. I value authenticity, community, creating safe spaces and sharing this journey with others. My passion is to assist others in discovering self empowerment through rest/relaxation, connection, and collaborative healing. I believe that it's not the practitioner who heals, its the will of the person seeking answers. Reiki is the gateway to universal life force energy and oceans of love, giving rise to the answers we seek within.

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