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About the Partnership

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Our Story

The Why


We first met in an intentional community home within Oakland's beloved neighborhoods of Lake Merit. Having conversations about what community meant to us and how we were exploring avenues to support interconnectedness, we naturally stumbled into exchanging sessions and going deeper into collaborative projects. Learning the reciprocity of giving and receiving, we found that our skills naturally complement one another, and when joining forces, the magnitude of our intentions and learnings expanded. The nourishment we have received from saying yes to the journey has been the nectar for this partnership's growth.


As best as we can put into words, our why in coming together with this collaboration is to center empowerment and interconnectedness. By sharing tools and techniques, we are hoping that your explorations of healing, growth, and wellness can evolve your capacity to support your goals and intentions for the long run. A lot of Western mentality has layering of convivence, quick results, and band aid fixes that keep you "needing" services or continuing to learn how to be "good consumers" of our systems or of products. We want the opposite. We want to be able to support your inner wisdom, have you find strategies that supports your choice in growth and evolution, and have you creating sustainable avenues to nurture yourself while also feeling connected and supported. Community is sacred, and knowing when to reach out for support is a skill amongst a gift. Valuing interdependence, we highlight having a sense of identity and being responsible for ourselves but still connected to others. At the end, our goal is for people to feel empowered and see where choice is present. Learning that you are the leader of your healing and carrying the templates to find congruence and anchor into your authentic journey. We emphasize that being human is messy and a lot of what we uncover are life long learnings that ask us for engagement.

Being with people, witnessing their journeys and validating awareness. Awareness allows us to see where we have choice. Collaborating in this partnership works with energy and awareness to see where bridges can be built for you to touch into deeper parts of yourself. We want to expand the definition of healing and speak to the inherent worth and wholeness that already exits. Healing doesn't have to look a specific way or hold similar intentions to what you see in society or other people in or outside of your communities. It is whatever you deem healing to feel and look like for you. Our intentions are to support your YES's in this work and work with you to re-define what healing looks and feels like for you.

Let’s Work Together

"I feel excited and overjoyed to be partnering with Jennifer. They are a phenomenal energy practitioner and Reiki Master who has taught me a lot along my journey" -Aubree

"Aubree adds an element of support that compliments and adds power to this practice of supporting people in finding integration and sustainability for wellness outside of the Reiki sessions. Excited for this new partnership and unfoldment!" - Jennifer

The way we envision our collaboration for clients...


First working 1:1 with Jennifer as they provide space for a reiki session that creates flow with letting go and allowing for the energy to dance, move, and evolve. During the last 15 minutes while you have an option to process your reiki session you can decide if you would like more time processing, exploring, and integrating your learnings. If the answer is yes, a session with Aubree will be explored.



Second, moving into an energetic space holding session with Aubree that allows you to go deeper and move through processing, exploring, and integrating. These sessions could take place right after, a day or 2 after, or a week after your reiki session.

Sessions with Aubree are optional and paid for separately. Please talk with Jennifer if this sounds like a collaboration that supports your needs or contact Aubree to start a conversation. 

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