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Meet Aubree (they/them)

I have been practicing energy work for the past 3 years, learning different modalities and continuing to take classes to explore my curiosities. Born and raised in the Midwest, I come to know myself as a silly non-binary queer who fell in love with travel and is the first generation to move from Wisconsin to the West Coast. My love for diving into life's vastness started as a child. Being an only kiddo and diagnosed later in life with complex PTSD and depression, I felt alone in my emotions and experiences. This lead me to search for community and as I found my footing within LGBTQIA+  and energy work spaces, I felt empowered to explore all shades of my creativity and learn to value my uniqueness. 


Coming from strong Polish and German ancestry, my slavic pagan roots have influenced not only my connection with nature, herbs, and celestial beings but strengthened my curiosity within all different energy work modalities. When I was little, I naturally tapped in to deep layers of sensitivity and did not have the tools to hold my explorations. Growing up and having the privilege to work with different teachers, leaders, therapists, and community members I have gained an intersecting tool box of techniques and lens that continue to grow as I open up more and more to embodying my skills. My reverence and admiration extends galaxies to my teachers: mother earth and her plant allies, my team of guides, Kenneth Jover, Vanessa Cronan, Tatiana Sakurai, Dana Marie Nielson, and Christal Hart Vison. Ask me about who I've worked with and I would love to share more!


If we’re talking degree’s, I have a background in social work (BSW)  but have divested my energy from traditional educational institutions and put my focus around community care/peer-support modes of co-weaving with communities to support wellness. Additionally, I hold certificates in conflict mediation, managerial resilience, and peer support. Talking about skillsets, mine lies within compassionate space holding, emotional exploration, heart-centered engagement, and integrative energy work. My primary modality for energy work is Transformative Energy Work ™


I offer 1:1 support virtually.
If you are seeking a session outside of the Reiki Raw &AWH partnership my offerings span from collaborative 1:1 energy work sessions or peer support space holding. 

 Sliding scale prices. No one is turned away due to lack of funds! My goal is to make energy work sessions assessable for anyone who wants this type of support. 

Lets get chatting, schedule a Introductory Call with me here:


About: About


Phone: (414) 531-2943

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